Client satisfaction


"Sales Management's supplier performance is 9.1, which means that customers experience their performance as excellent. Their performance is better than 84% of the comparator providers. This indicates that they will contribute greater value than the average supplier to their clients organization."

Quote: Industry report Search & Headhunting 2018

"Looking solely on client reviews, Sales Management is one of the industry's top performers"

Quote: Industry report Recruitment 2018

The independent company Supana analyzes the Danish recruitment and search market based on client responses.

The clients evaluate their experiences in terms of co-operation, performance, process, method, pace of progress, candidate quality, accuracy, hitrate and our understanding of the job complexity/challenges aswell as the  communication and follow-up etc.

Sales Management is a stable top performer

In the Supana industry reports 'Recruitment 2018' and 'Search & Headhunting 2018', Sales Management is referred to as 'stable topsformer' based on the top performance 4 years in a row.

Sales Management has among more than 150 recruitment and search companies, proven to be among the very best in the industry in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. This result clearly demonstrates that focus, stamina and a high level of work ethics create good results and satisfied clients.

Financial Solidity

In the industry report 2018, Sales Management is referred to as one of the financially most secure companies to do business with. Sales Management has one of the industry's highest solvency ratios.

Se the Sales Management essentials from the 'Recruitment 2018' report (in Danish) here


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